Should you need to reschedule, please do so 7-14 days prior to your event and we will make every effort to meet your needs. If you need to cancel the event, you must cancel within 7-14 days of the scheduled event or a cancellation fee may apply. Complete cancellation policy is stated in your booking agreement.

Face Painting Questions 

How do I remove face paint? 

Our face paints are easily removed with soap and water. We recommend applying liquid soap (baby shampoo is great!) BEFORE adding water to help lift the pigments from the skin without reactivating the makeup. Rinse with warm water. For smaller designs, a quick wiping with a warm soapy wash rag should do the trick. 


How long does it last?

It lasts until you take it off, as long as it stays dry. 


Is it safe? 

Absolutely! My cosmetic grade face makeups (they actually aren't "paint" at all!) are 100% safe for use on skin and are FDA compliant. Please see our SAFETY section for more information.


Do you carry a photo menu of designs for the children to choose from? 

We have over 100 designs memorized for boys, girls, teens and adults. The Face Paint Lady can literally paint just about anything you ask for. We stopped carrying photo menus because we feel they limit the child's imagination to what they see with their eyes. If a child is really stuck and can't think of anything, we can always whip out our smartphones and show them some pics, no problem! 

Other Questions

I am ordering multiple services. Is it just one person doing everything?

No! We have a complete staff of professional entertainers. When you book multiple services, there is at least one staff member per service.

Still have questions? Just shoot us a message from the request form and we will get back to you right away!