Stuffed Animal Workshop


The Face Paint Lady offers premier mobile Stuff A Stuffie Workshop parties where kids bring a furry friend to life. Every party is hosted by a friendly Party Leader, who will make sure everyone has a boatload of fun!

Because we come to you, your party will be 100% private – free from transportation or public safety issues. We have numerous party options that will fit your needs and budget.

We have over 100 animal friends to choose from, including bears, cats & dogs, zoo animals, farm animals and more!! Our workshop is perfect for birthday parties, child care centers, park and recreation centers, country clubs, corporate events, anywhere unique fun and entertainment is desired!

During the workshop, kids hand-stuff their own pal, then make a wish on a heart or rainbow star before tucking it safely inside their new friend! Then they name it, dress it and take it home to keep as a special momento of your event. It’s the ultimate group party fun because animal creation is done together.  Games, activities, and birth certificates are all included in this action packed hour of fun! 

Book the best party now - it'll be something they will never fur-get! 

All Stuffed Animal Workshops include:

A fun and friendly party leader
FREE animal for Birthday Child!

A stuffed animal skin for each child

Stuffing Fluff and supplies

Animal stuffing group activity

Age appropriate games & activities

Wishing hearts

Birth Certificates for each stuffed friend

Stuffed Animal Workshop Pricing

Hostess/Setup fee $25 

16 " Stuffed Animals (each): $20 for up to 15, $18 for 16 or more 

Animal Clothing (each): $5-15 

Sound Chips (each): $2

Beating Heart Module (each): $5

Aroma Bearapy Scent Chips (each): $4