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Tips and Advice if Santa is Visiting Your Home


Santa will text you once he is 5 minutes from your location. In the event of a delay or emergency Santa needs to be able to call you! Please make sure to provide a good phone number for the day of the event, and have that phone on you, charged, and with the ringer and text volume on, and please never answer the phone on speakerphone.


We recommend choosing a festive, well lit area that provides a lovely background for photos. Near the Christmas tree, wreath or fireplace look beautiful in photos.

PLEASE remember a lit fireplace will likely be too hot for Santa's heavy suit. 

A sturdy chair with no arms, such as a dining room chair, is recommended. If Mrs. Claus is attending, please remember a chair for her too. Chairs are not needed for elves. 

It is wise to leave space behind the chair for standing or group photos. 

Gift Distribution: 

If Santa is distributing gifts, all gifts should fit inside a 35 gallon trash bag and hidden in a previously arranged area away from children such as front porch, garage, etc. Santa will transfer the gifts to his special Santa Sack before entering. If there are more gifts, please let us know so special arrangements can be made.

All gifts should be clearly labeled. We recommend writing the name directly on the paper with black marker, as tags have a tendency to fall off. 

PLEASE make sure every child attending has a gift and that gifts are of comparable value to avoid hurt feelings.


Remember to charge cameras and phones before your event! Check that you have a memory card and extra battery if needed.

While we all love the classic pose of a child on Santa's knee, we have found that some of the best and most cherished photos are the ones taken candidly.  Snap away with abandon as your child interacts and makes wonderful memories with Santa and Mrs Claus. In photography class they taught us that 1 in every 10 photos is a keeper. Take as many as you can, you can always delete the bad ones later!


Please help Santa keep that magic alive. If children are watching Santa leave through the window for more than a few moments, it could be more difficult for him to make a clean getaway. 

Any balance due to Santa should be made discretely, not in front of the children. We feel this would spoil the magic.  Some families like to put the payment in a Christmas card for Santa, some like to send a check ahead of time, some like to simply slip the payment to Santa or Mrs Claus on the way out the door. Just let us know what is best for you. Please do not leave money in mailboxes or outdoors.